Advertising with the CMA

The CMA reaches a wide variety of museum professionals including museum CEOs, directors and associate directors, curators, registrars, exhibition designers, bookstore managers, educators, security directors, retail managers and independent consultants - just to name a few. Advertising with the CMA can be a great way to target products and services to those that make the purchasing decisions in the Canadian museum industry. Advertising with the CMA is also an excellent way to support the CMA and the work we do on behalf of the Canadian museum sector. There are various ways you can advertise with the CMA.

Muse magazine (print version)

Muse magazine is the CMA’s flagship bilingual magazine, a popular resource for professionals in the cultural and heritage sectors. Advertising in Muse is a great way to reach this group. It goes out to members of the CMA, as well as to additional magazine subscribers. The magazine is published in hard copy four times per year. We have a wide range of advertising options to meet your needs.

Muse magazine (online edition)

Muse magazine is also available to CMA members and magazine subscribers via the Member Portal on the CMA website. In addition to advertising opportunities in the print version, there are options for online advertising in Muse.

Website advertising

The CMA’s website is a key resource for a wide variety of stakeholders, who visit the site regularly for information and updates on the museum sector. The CMA’s website offers advertising on the home page, as well as on specific web pages or section of our site. Visit this section of our site for more information about advertising on the CMA website.

CMA e-news bulletin

CMA news is a bilingual e-news bulletin which is distributed electronically to CMA members across the country on a bi-weekly basis. It offers regular updates and key information for museum sector professionals.

CMA press clippings

CMA press clippings are an exclusive news service provided to CMA members on a daily basis.

Rates and forms

Find information about the rates and forms associated with CMA advertising.


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