Young Canada Works in Heritage Organizations

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YCW in Heritage Organizations (YCW-HO) is a job creation program under the Government of Canada's Youth Employment Strategy that aims to provide summer work experience that students can build on. While employers gain access to a pool of enthusiastic young workers, students gain the opportunity to work in the field of culture and heritage while earning money for their education. This is a great opportunity for students and employers from coast to coast.

Student work terms last between 6 and 16 consecutive weeks with a regular work schedule of 30 to 40 hours per week. Salaries are competitive for the region of employment.

2014-2015 Employer Applicants

YCW-HO summer projects are currently wrapping up. Thank you to all student and employer participants for another successful season.

For important program information, please refer to the following links:

2014 Employer Guide
Employer Eligibility Criteria 
Selection Criteria 
Terms and Conditions 
Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Information

A substantial portion of CMA funding is reserved exclusively for small and medium-sized museums. Small and medium-sized museums must:

Employers participating in YCW-HO must recruit for student positions through a fair and balanced selection process (i.e. open competitions and unbiased adjudication of eligible candidates), and respond to student applicants in a timely manner. Employers must confirm that their candidates are registered on the YCW interactive website. This candidate inventory also serves as an online recruitment resource for employers to staff their YCW positions.

Please note that the CMA accepts jobs that build on the many functions of a museum, such as Collections Management, Curatorial Research, Conservation & Preservation, Education, Interpretation, Public Programming and Museum Administration and Marketing.

For other YCW opportunities in the heritage sector, please consult the following YCW delivery organizations:

Association pour l'avancement des sciences et des techniques de la documentation (web site in French only)
Canadian Council of Archives
Canadian Library Association
Heritage Canada The National Trust

2014-2015 Student Applicants

Students who wish to apply to the YCW-HO program must register online with YCW. To create an online account, please click here .

Online registration allows students to apply electronically for jobs funded through YCW-HO across Canada. As employers receive funding approval from their delivery organization, job postings will appear online. Jobs are posted regularly between April and July, so it is recommended to check the job listings frequently.

Recruitment and hiring is conducted by the museums and heritage organizations that have obtained YCW-HO funding. The Canadian Museums Association does not participate in the recruitment process.

Only candidates who meet the program's eligibility criteria will be considered. For student eligibility criteria and objectives, please click here

For questions about other Government of Canada youth programs, please call the Youth Employment Strategy's Youth Info-Line:

  • Toll Free: 1-800-935-5555 

Questions? Contact:

Leah Nyman 
Program Coordinator, Young Canada Works in Heritage Organizations
613-567-0099 ext 244