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The CMA is an important leader in the culture/heritage sector, no matter where you are in the country. We’ve been an institutional member for years and have made invaluable connections that have helped us in numerous ways: from moving our museum to a modern, purpose-built space to expanding the gift shop and developing strong friendships. Knowledge gained at meetings, annual conferences and symposiums helps the cultural community better prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

Debbie Trueman, General Manager, Nanaimo Museum

Membership for Institutions, Organizations and Businesses

Institutional members include non-profit museums, associations that are professionally related to the aims and programs of the CMA, non-Canadian institutions, as well as businesses that serve and would benefit from a stronger relationship with the museum community.



All Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Bi-weekly email newsletter with CMA and other important museum community news
    Exclusive daily news clippings service;
  • Bi-monthly bilingual Muse magazine subscription (hard copy);
  • CMA Bookstore discount (up to 25%);
  • CMA Member rate on conferences and symposiums;
  • Complimentary or reduced admission to participating museums;
  • Gift shop discount at participating museums;
  • Access to exclusive resources and guidelines in the member portal;
  • Access to a wide network of contacts in the museum/heritage sector.

Members receive all the benefits listed above in addition to those listed below.

Membership Type

Additional Benefits



For all Canadian museums that are non‑profit, have a collection, and are open to the public. As well as for associations that are professionally related to the aims and programs of the CMA.


0.001 % (one tenth of one percent) of your operating budget. The minimum fee payable is $100, and the maximum is $2,750. (i.e. if your budget is $150,000, you would pay $150)


For corporations wishing to support the aims and programs of the CMA while developing opportunities within the museum community.


$250 /year


For individuals outside the museum community, who wish to support the aims and programs of the CMA.


$100 /year


For individuals outside Canada.


$100 /year

*Membership fees may be tax deductible. Check with your financial advisor for details.

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