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Celebrate Canada's creative excellence with more recipes created by Canada's premiere chefs. lnspired by paintings and artifacts from our nation's museums and galleries, the culinary creations represent the unique tastes of Canada with quotes from each chef and stunning photographs of the food, paintings and artifacts.

Showcasing paintings and artifacts from more than 30 institutions, including works by:

  • Tom Thomson;
  • Emily Carr;
  • Charles Edenshaw;
  • Peter Powning;
  • Norval Morrisseau;
  • David Brown Milne; and
  • Mary Pratt.

accompanied by recipes from more than 40 culinary masters, including:

  • Roger Mooking;
  • Ted Reader;
  • Catherine O’Donnell;
  • Ricardo;
  • John Higgins;
  • Josie Weitzenbauer; and
  • Shane Mederic Chartrand.

Softcover, full colour, 96 pages — $25

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"Art and food are not just the obvious visual and taste. They spark emotions, memories and opportunities."

— Chef Jason Parsons, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

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