Here is How YOU Can Get Involved in Support of Canadian Museums

You can help make sure that museums are on the agenda in your riding during this federal election and that candidates are committed to supporting and promoting Canadian museums.

Your action makes a difference in this campaign!

Our goals:

  1. To raise awareness of the contribution of Canada’s museums to the social and economic well-being of Canada and particularly your local community.
  2. To obtain the support of local candidates to develop and promote programs and policies that support Canadian museums and galleries following the election.

Know the Facts!

We have developed, in consultation with you, our members, key messages that address the museum community’s current issues. These messages can be used in any situation and with any political candidate during the campaign. The most effective approach is to be non-partisan and to give all candidates equal opportunity to respond.


Download the CMA’s Key Messages
Snapshot of Canada’s Museums

Where Do Parties Stand on Heritage and Culture?

We have written to the leaders of the major political parties, informing them of the museum sector’s key priorities and messages, and have asked them for their views on supporting Canadian museums.  We will be posting each party’s responses as we receive them on this page. Make sure to check back with us soon!

Conservatives Pledge Endowment Fund to Support Local Museums

Prime Minister Stephen Harper Announces Endowment Fund to Support Local Museums (Video)

NDP Outlines Commitments to Canadian Museums

Liberal Party Unveils Full Cultural Platform

Green Party To Ensure Sustainability of Museums 

Bloc Québécois To Champion Museum Issues 

Liberal Party of Canada response to CMA questionnaire 

Liberal Party of Canada Response (Election 2015)


Ensure Museums and Galleries are Part of the Conversation

During the campaign, there may be several opportunities to raise museum issues with local candidates. If you are able to take advantage of these events, the ‘Key Messages’ document can be put to good use. Local events which may come up in your area include:

  • All-candidates meetings and debates
  • Radio call-in shows
  • ‘Meet the candidate’ receptions

You can also write or e-mail your local candidates, and invite them to visit your museum to see first-hand the contributions it makes to the community, as well as understand your museum’s needs.

And don’t forget, social media is a powerful tool. Engage in conversations about culture and heritage, follow local candidates and party leaders, ask questions… and then share with your colleagues!


Follow the CMA on Twitter @musecdn 

Use hashtags: #CDNpoli  #canpoli #museums

Tips and Guidelines

Need some help? Here are a few tips and ideas to help you.


            Tips and Guidelines

And Don’t Forget to Register!

Your vote on October 19, 2015 will make a difference. Make sure you are properly registered to vote in the Federal Election by visiting Elections Canada’s website. It only takes a few minutes!

For more information, please contact Audrey Vermette, Director, Programs and Public Affairs, or by phone at (613) 567-0099, ext. 225