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  Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas Portrait  

Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas

Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas is an award-winning visual contemporary artist, author and professional speaker. His work has been seen in public spaces, museums, galleries and private collections around the world. Institutional collections include the Vancouver Art Gallery, British Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Seattle Art Museum. Yahgulanaas's publications include national bestsellers Flight of the Hummingbird and RED, a Haida Manga. When not writing or producing art, Yahgulanaas pulls from his 20 years of political experience in the Council of the Haida Nation and travels the world speaking to businesses, institutions and communities about social justice, community building, communication and change management. His most recent talks include the American Museum of Natural History and TEDxVancouver 2015. Influenced by both the tradition of Haida iconography and contemporary Asian visual culture, Yahgulanaas has created a practice that is celebrated for its vitality, relevancy and originality.

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  Colleen Dilenschneider Portrait  

Colleen Dilenschneider

Connectivity is King: Data on the Social Role of Museums

As the Chief Market Engagement Officer at IMPACTS Research, Colleen Dilenschneider utilizes data to help museums maintain relevance and enhance their long-term financial futures by uncovering market trends related to motivating visitation and securing support. Colleen is the author of the popular website Know Your Own Bone, a widely cited resource for cultural executives that has been prominently featured in many international publications, conferences, and graduate and professional programs.

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  Rick Hansen Portrait  

Rick Hansen

Man in Motion World Tour

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  Jenifer Carter  

Jennifer Carter

Fellows Lecture

Museums in a culture of human rights: The forms and ethics of socially engaged museological practice

Jennifer Carter is Director of the graduate museology program at the Université du Québec à Montréal, where she is also professor of New museologies, intangible heritage and cultural objects in the Department of Art History. Her praxis consists of research and teaching in the areas of the history and theory of museums and museum practices, exhibition theory and human rights museology. Her current research focuses on a comparative analysis of how social justice and human rights are negotiated curatorially, pedagogically and semantically in cultural institutions dedicated to human rights in Asia, North America and South America. She is the author of essays in English and French on human rights museology, exhibition design, national museums and museological theory and practice. In 2013, Jennifer was appointed Associate Editor of the international journal Museum Management and Curatorship , published by Taylor and Francis / Routledge in the U.K. Jennifer is a member of the Board of Directors of ICOM Canada (since 2015) and the Montreal Holocaust Museum (since 2013). She is currently preparing the manuscript Museums in a culture of human rights: New museums around the globe with Routledge / Taylor and Francis, U.K.


  Alexandre Trudeau  

Alexandre Trudeau

Documentary filmmaker, writer and journalist, Alexandre Trudeau has produced and directed compelling and provocative films and reported from all corners of the world. He was a trusted witness on the ground as the bombs began to fall on Baghdad in 2003; he charted out the intimate realities on both sides of the Israeli security barrier; stood up for the rights of arbitrarily imprisoned security certificate detainees in Canada; tracked youth-driven democratic awakenings in the Balkans; shed light on the origins of unrest in Darfur, Liberia and Haiti; and deconstructed the Canadian peace-keeping legacy fifty years after Pearson’s Nobel. He helped Canadians grapple with the millennial-old cultural underpinnings behind China’s return to glory during the 2008 Olympics and tackled the planetary power shifts that link Somali piracy, the Arab Spring and the all-important maritime resource trade. Many years and many journeys in the making, Trudeau’s first book was published to wide acclaim in September 2016. Barbarian Lost — Travels in the New China is an intimate and touching portrait of this ancient nation as it experiences one of the most transformative periods of its long history. Trudeau is a founding executive committee member of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation for excellence in social sciences and humanities’ research and innovation, and is president and chief producer at JuJu Films.


  Jean-Marc Blais  

Jean-Marc Blais

Director General and Vice-President, Canadian Museum of History

Mr. Jean-Marc Blais
was appointed Director General of the Canadian Museum of History in March 2013. Mr. Blais brings an extensive management experience in the areas of culture, education, information technologies, international relations, in both the private and public sectors. He has been instrumental in transforming the Museum into a modern, effective and innovative national cultural institution focused on the interests of the public. He has overseen the design and construction of the Canadian History Hall, one of the largest museological transformation projects in Canada.