Canadian Museums Day: Being Seen and Heard on the Hill


While a substantial part of the work we do as museum professionals involves engaging with local audiences to increase support for our institutions, there's another important group of stakeholders in our nation's capital with whom we must interact on a regular basis: These are federal decision-makers, such as members of parliament, senators, senior political staff and civil servants.

Why is it so important for the museum and heritage sector to be seen and heard on Parliament Hill in Ottawa? Because this is where substantive decisions about federal policy, programs and funding affecting museums are made. The better elected officials understand the value of our museums, the more likely they will be to support them. It is therefore incumbent on the CMA and the museum sector to build and maintain positive relationships with federal politicians from all political parties.

Canadian Museums Day provides us with just such an opportunity. Spend the day on Parliament Hill with colleagues from the field meeting with members of parliament and other federal influencers to make the case for Canada's museums. This is a chance to meet with your local member of parliament, among others and let them know how much museums matter to you, and how much they ought to matter to them!

2014 Schedule

This year's event will take place on November 17 and 18, 2014 .

  • Briefing Session, Monday November 17, 4:00pm to 6:00pm
  • Meetings, Tuesday November 18, all day
  • Special Reception hosted by the Speaker of the Senate, Tuesday November 18, 5:00pm to 7:00pm (Parliament Hill)

Participants will be welcomed at the Hotel Indigo (123 Metcalfe Street, Ottawa, ON K1P 5L9, Tel # 1-877-660-8550) for the special rate of $139/night. Please reserve your room before October 17 .

For more information about Canadian Museums Day, please contact Audrey Vermette, Director of Programs and Public Affairs, at