Mid-Career Professional Development

Bursary Program At A Glance

Bursaries for mid-career professional development are given out to build new competencies and increase individual and institutional performance. Bursaries are provided for specialized museum studies at a national or international level, such as specialized courses, seminars, workshops, and symposia, as well as professional exchanges that promote continuous learning.

Read the Program Guidelines and Regulations for criteria, program ineligibilities, and other important regulations that apply to ALL bursary types.

Download the Bursary Application Form   (PDF) —  Guide to completing the application form. (PDF) 


Open to applicants who are employed by a public, non-profit museum or related organization in a full-time capacity with no less than five years of accumulated or consecutive museum work experience.


Funds will be allocated on a 50% matching basis, calculated on the total eligible expenses indicated on the Bursary Claim form to a maximum of $1,500. Eligible expenses include the costs of transportation, accommodation, per diem and registration fees. Exact mileage figures must be given when claiming for the use of an automobile. The mileage rate is determined by the current Treasury Board Secretariat policies.


Within Canada or internationally.


Only one bursary will be awarded per individual in any 12-month period. The program can be no less than three days in duration.


Application Deadline: The bursary application along with the required support material must be submitted at least four (4) weeks prior to the beginning of the learning activity. Note: You must apply for a bursary BEFORE the event you are planning to attend.

Claim Deadline: The bursary must be claimed no later than 30 days after completion of the learning activity upon submission of original receipts, proof of attendance, the completed evaluation questionnaire and a 1,500 word narrative report.

Support Material:

The application must include either a work plan along with letters of invitation (for those seeking funding for a professional exchange), or a detailed agenda for organized workshops, seminars or symposia, as well as the applicant's learning objectives, curriculum vitae, job description and a letter of support from their employer/institution.

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