Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medals

The CMA recently honoured 37 museum professionals with the presentation of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals. Awarded to Canadians who have made significant contributions to the museum sector, the medals were presented during the awards gala at CMA's 65th National Conference. The CMA was chosen as one of the few non-governmental organizations invited to award a limited number of these commemorative medals. Here is the complete list of individuals who received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals:

Janine Andrews, Edmonton - For her enduring contributions to the development of the museums of the University of Alberta and her contributions to the museum profession.

Dr. Jann L M Bailey, FCMA, Kamloops - For her enthusiasm and lifelong conviction that art and culture add to the quality of life and her leadership during her Presidencies of the Canadian Museums Association and the Canadian Art Museum's Director's Organization.

Dean Bauche, North Battleford - For his significant contributions promoting aboriginal art and his dedication to the advancement of professional development in Saskatchewan and Canada.

Judith Baxter, Clifton Royal - For her dedication and advocacy for the importance of small community museums.

Manon Blanchette, Montréal - Pour avoir rassemblé les musées de Montréal en un consortium efficace et pour avoir accru l'intérêt et l'appréciation du public envers les musées à l'échelle internationale.

Michel Côté, Québec - Pour le professionnalisme exceptionnel dont il a fait preuve dans sa contribution à la muséologie au Québec, et pour sa promotion de la muséologie canadienne à l'échelle internationale.

Yves Dagenais, FAMC, Candiac - Pour son engagement inébranlable envers les musées du Québec et du Canada, ainsi que pour son encouragement à l'égard des bénévoles.

Joanne DiCosimo, FCMA, Gatineau - For her ongoing contributions to museum management and for furthering the interests of museums of natural history.

Arthur Drache, Ottawa - For his professional contributions advancing non profit law in Canada and for his role as the founding Chair of the Museums Foundation of Canada.

Dr. Lon Dubinsky, Montreal - For his pioneering work linking literacy development with cultural identity and his explorations into the public's understanding of history and art.

David Flemming, Ottawa - For his dedication to marine history of the Atlantic and for his advocacy at promoting the heritage of the city of Ottawa.

Jane Fullerton, Saint-John- For her dedication to the museums of New Brunswick and for her role in the establishment of Stonehammer, the first UNESCO geo-park in North America.

Dr. Andrée Gendreau, Québec - Pour sa carrière exceptionnelle au Musée de la civilisation, à Québec, et sa remarquable contribution aux musées dans l'ensemble du Canada en tant que présidente de l'Association des musées canadiens.

Joan Goldfarb, North York - For her exceptional devotion for over 25 years to museums and galleries as a trustee, a donor and a champion of friends of museums.

Bill Greenlaw, Halifax - For championing Nova Scotia's first heritage strategy, for innovative leadership of the Nova Scotia Museum, and for advancing the work of museums nationally as President of the Canadian Museums Association.

Rudy Groulx, Ottawa - For his generous contribution of over 30 years of legal service to the Canadian Museums Association.

Monique Horth, Gatineau - Pour le leadership dont elle a fait preuve pour promouvoir la mise en tournée d'expositions à travers le Canada et son travail bénévole pour encourager les échanges entre les musées du Canada et de Chine.

Robin Inglis, FCMA, Surrey - For his true sense of professionalism while CMA's Executive Director and during his own distinguished career in museum work.

Ed Krahn, Whitehorse - For his more than 30 years of dedication to the museum and historic sites in the Yukon and northern Canada.

Claudette Leclerc, Winnipeg - For her significant contributions to the heritage, scientific learning and the cultural life of Winnipeg and Manitoba.

Barbara McIntyre, St. Martins - For her exceptional 40 year volunteer role in preserving the heritage of New Brunswick, her sustaining contributions to the Association of Museums New Brunswick and her devotion to the development of the Fundy Trail Park.

Dr. Philippe Mailhot, Saint-Boniface - Pour son engagement envers la préservation du patrimoine franco-manitobain et son rôle durable dans le domaine de la muséologie au Canada.

Dr. John McAvity, Ottawa - For his career of 40 years of contributions to the museum landscape in Canada, including over 30 years as the Executive Director of the Canadian Museums Association.

Teresita McCarthy, Bell Island - For her dedication and commitment to promoting and preserving the museums and heritage of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Sylvie Morel, Oxford Mills - Pour sa brillante carrière de 35 années au cours de laquelle elle a représenté le Musée canadien des civilisations à l'étranger et au Canada, et pour son travail bénévole de promotion des musées du Canada.

Diana Nemiroff, Ottawa - For her distinguished career exploring and promoting contemporary art in Canada and her exceptional contributions to the profession.

Dr. Nelly Ng, Scarborough - For her vision and exceptional contributions bringing Canada and China closer together through cultural understanding and for providing learning tools to rural communities in China.

Dianne Ottereyes Reid, Montreal - For her exceptional contributions to the world of First Nations cultural planning and community museums, including playing a pioneering role in aboriginal broadcasting and the development of the Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute. 

Michel Perron, Montréal - Pour le travail qu'il a effectué pour les musées du Québec et ses nombreuses années de dévouement en tant que directeur de la Société des musées québécois.

Pauline Rafferty, Victoria - For her leadership in museums in British Columbia and her national role on various boards, including as President of the Alliance of Natural History Museums

René Rivard, FAMC, Montréal - Pour la contribution sincère de ce pionnier de la muséologie à sa profession au Québec, au Canada et à l'échelle internationale. 

Doris Smith, Ottawa - For her voluntarism with the National Gallery Volunteers Circle and her work nationally on behalf of friends of museums everywhere.

Sonja Tanner-Kaplash, FCMA, Victoria - For her leadership in collections management and the creation of a cost effective national group insurance program.

Dr. Lynne Teather, Richmond Hill - For her dedication to professional development and teaching of museology in Canada.

Jon Tupper, Victoria - For his championship of Canadian art and his contributions at various museums and galleries across Canada including the Presidency of the Canadian Museums Association.

Fawn Wilson White, Rome, Italy - For over 30 years, she has been a tireless Canadian volunteer for museums and arts organizations, taking the Canadian message to extensive community involvement in New York, Washington, the United Kingdom and to Rome where she now resides.

Dr. Yosef Wosk, Vancouver - As a visionary philanthropist, for his encouragement and planting seeds which grow and flourish into sustainable projects for heritage.

Bert Yeudall, Edmonton - For his 30 year devotion to the Telephone Historical Centre and his volunteer contributions to the Alberta and Canadian museums community.