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September/October 2017

Our Future

John Talks With D. Nelly W. Ng

Footprints: An Exhibition,
Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute
A Grand Cree Travelling Exhibition Opens in the Subarctic, Erica Claus

The New Canada Science and Technology Museum, Christina Tessier

New Horizons, William Hollingshead and Madeline Smolarz

Museum Policy and the Arts in Canada, Anthony Alan Shelton

B.C. sites to visit

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July/August 2017


Art Now with Alexandra Badzak
John Talks With Christopher Leitch 

Food Becomes Art,
Craig Youdale

The Personal is Profitable: Crowdfunding and Museums, Andrea Tingey

Raising Capes Escape Roof, Deborah Griffiths

Guys As Dolls

B.C. Museum Profiles

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May/June 2017

Awards Issue

Young Makers Express Themselves , by Carolyn Holmes

Sovereign Rainbows and Unceded Territories , by Tania Willard and Karen Duffek

Mystical Landscapes , by Art Gallery of Ontario

CMA Awards Recipients and Conference Memories

On the Road, TOGETHER, by Christine McGuire and Elizabeth Todd Doyle

John talks with Karen Bachmann

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March/April 2017

art outside

A Hunger for Doing and Learning , by Hannah Keating

The MacKenzie Art Gallery Takes Art to the Streets and Parks of Regina , by Nicolle Nugent and Timothy Long

Why?People, not Objects, are the Future , by John R. Grimes

Next Generation : Young Canada Works at Building Careers in Heritage

John talks with Eric Chan , AKA eepmon

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January/February 2017

Canada 150

A Confederation We Can See and Touch , by Christopher Moore

A Century of Community , by Robin Etherington

Broadening History's Horizons: Canadian Museum of History

John talks with Ry Moran

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